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Antoine IZERE
IZERE Antoine was born on 19th November 1996 in Rwanda.
He is a plastics artist, who works hard to create beauty in his meaningful impasto paintings. Through his imagination he makes artworks which brings hope and happiness. He is inspired by everyday life, mostly a life of struggles. He envisions a struggle free world, and hopes people can see and appreciate his vision. He uses different mediums in his art according to the work and topic. Each painting has a significance of its own. To him, art is like a cure, tapping into a world of extraordinary imagination gives him joy and meaning to his life.

2019       mumasangano art exhibion, at KCV
2019       arts exhibition in izihirwearts, Kigali
2018       arts exhibition at j.Lynn's ,Kigali
2018       arts Rwanda ubuhanzi exhibition in Kigali Convention
2018       youth connect, Kigali Comvention Center
2018       arts exhibition at Kigali public library, imagine we Rwanda
2018       arts exhition at marasa umubano hotel, Kigali
2018       exhibition with young president organization, at selena hotel
2018       auto portrait at Gisenyi
2018       arts exhibition in hotel de mille collines, Kigali
Some of his works