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Herve Ngabira is a Rwandan based artist. He is born in Rwanda in 1998 . His talent started when he was a kid at 4 years he started drawing he got inspiration of art  to his big brother  who kindly making art. In 2012 he started study secondary schools In 2015 he attended the art school (Nyundo arts school)
he studied there 3years He attended more art competitions in Rwanda and uganda. He participated in more groups exhibitions and he worked on his first solo exhibition 2016. According to his painting, He used to paint his art pieces with oil paints mixed with acrylics, as his painting style named AFRO-FUTURISM.
Herve Ngabira describes art as his daily life he also says that art is everything and everywhere !
Now he is an international artist! He mostly paint on Afro-art. He also used to teach art in secondary school
Some of his works